Are you identifying all regulatory risks around your products?

Vape product regulations extend beyond the TPD.

As a manufacturer of vape products, your regulatory compliance and product stewardship obligations extend beyond the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU.

There are a number of other directives and regulations which impact vape products. Those that should be noted are CLP, GDPR and GPSR, which sit within the New Legislative Framework.

As recently announced, we will be holding a networking breakfast during VAPE JAM UK. Through our exclusive partnership, we have put together a package to assist exhibitors. In addition, we will be providing a presentation on identifying regulatory risk and demonstrating due diligence around your products.  We will talk through some of the essential regulations that are often forgotten or, in some cases, unknown. This is part of our drive to educate the smaller vape brands.

By benchmarking your current status, you can create your compliance strategy based on current and desired market requirements. This will allow you to implement processes and measure progress. Adding structure to your supplier due diligence is certainly advised.

Having the following in place will help to build a ring-fence of due diligence around your products and brand:

  • Fiscal checks
  • Continuity agreements
  • Chemical identity disclosure agreements
  • Standardised recipe templates
  • Recipe screening
  • Toxicology risk assessments
  • Final chemical identity presentations

Whether as an overseas manufacturer, or an importer within the union, this is a ‘best practice’ and will help to ensure the longevity of your brand.

Finally, all spaces have now been filled for the presentation at VAPE JAM UK. However, we will be making the presentation slides and details available after the event to anyone who wants them.  You can register your interest here and we will arrange for details to be sent to you.  Alternatively, you can take the CORE COMPLIANCE HEALTH CHECK to begin your benchmarking process. We’ll then send a 30+ page, bespoke report, enabling you to mitigate against any areas of risk.

Lee J Bryan – Managing Director – Arcus Compliance Ltd.