VApril, Vape Jam, SubOhm Magazine and UK GPs and Pharmacists unaware of PHE’s report?

VApril – The Launch of the UK’s leading vape focused campaign.

Early April saw the official launch of VApril 2019. VApril, the world’s largest vaping awareness and education campaign, officially launched in Covent Garden, London.  We were lucky enough to attend the launch and exhibit at the event throughout the day.

It was positive to see Dr. Christian Jessen speaking up for the switch to vaping.  Over 140 members of the public also attended various vaping masterclasses throughout the day as well.

Vaping masterclasses under way

This year, the campaign went global with vaping associations in South Africa and the USA joining in.

Here’s to VApril 2020!


Vape Jam UK

A few pictures from the show

It was great to be involved with Vape Jam UK through our exclusive compliance partnership.

Thanks again to all of those who attended our breakfast meeting.  It was great to meet with you all and we hope that you found value within the presentation that we provided.


SubOhm Magazine

Be sure to check out the ‘Compliance Corner’ editorial in the latest edition (#17) of SubOhm magazine, provided by Arcus.  The editorial highlights the recent drop off in anti-sentiment towards compliance in general within the industry. It’s now evident that product stewardship and due diligence can be a big help with the recent increase of enforcement that we have witnessed.

For more info on product stewardship or assistance with your regulatory requirements, contact our team.


An alarming number of UK GPs and pharmacists are unaware of PHE’s report on e-cigarettes

Lastly, a recent survey, through which a number of GPs and pharmacists answered questions on the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes, found that very few were even aware of PHE’s report, which stated that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than tobacco – Surprisingly, only 7% of GPs and pharmacists were aware of the report.

The survey showed that almost a third of GPs believe that nicotine is likely to contribute to the development of smoking related diseases.