The UAE changed the law on vaping in February 2019, legalising the use of e-cigarettes in the region.

The S.5030 bill was released in 2019 which regulated vape products in the UAE. The regulating body (ESMA) have essentially taken the guidelines of the European TPD and “gold plated” it to a higher standard, with international standards being applied to the manufacturing facilities and emissions testing standards. 

They have also tightened up on the ingredients that are allowed within vape liquids by implementing a “white list”.

To meet the strict criteria, the following requirements must be achieved to the specified standards: 

  • Products must be manufactured in an ISO9001 accredited facility 
  • Emissions and device testing needs to be performed to ISO17025 standards
  • Packaging must meet the ISO8317 standard
  • Disposable devices are not permitted
  • Nicotine-free products need to be processed and notified in the same way as nicotine-containing products
  • Substances derived from alcohol are not permitted for use in the UAE
  • Substances derived from, or containing, non-halal animal products are not permitted

Arcus Compliance has successfully submitted both device and liquid applications through the ESMA/RACS submission process and can provide guidance on your Middle East product compliance strategies.

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