We had a superb visit to TPE in Las Vegas last month…

It was great to see everyone out in Las Vegas!

A definite shift change in attitude towards regulatory compliance in general?

Finding that there has been a step change in the attitude towards regulatory compliance in the last 6 months, with more and more of the bigger brands making considerable investments into their product stewardship and compliance obligations, was very positive.

Whilst this may be due, in part, to increased enforcement throughout Europe, we believe that manufacturers are realising that if they still want to be in business in 3-5 years from now, they need to step up their game.

MHRA collaboration with HSE to ensure compliance with CLP & REACH

The recent newsletter from the MHRA highlighted their ongoing collaboration with the HSE to proactively seek out and investigate all UK manufacturers and importers, to ensure compliance with CLP & REACH.

Key takeaways from the newsletter were:

The fact that the HSE are writing to and visiting every e-liquid manufacturer and importer in the UK.

They are working from intelligence provided by the industry itself.

They have already identified significant “non-compliance” with CLP & REACH.

In some cases “non-compliance” with health and safety legislation.

Incorrect hazardous classification under CLP, which leads to incorrect information on labelling and safety data sheets (SDS).

Inspectors also found many nicotine salt e-liquids have not had their CLP classification done on the basis of “Salts of nicotine” which are slightly different to nicotine itself.

Also many are not considering the impact on the hazardous classification from the concentrates themselves.

ECHA and the HSE have also warned of the potential issues around Brexit. The consensus being that it will effect on anyone in the pipeline of a REACH registered product.

If you are bringing more than 1000kgs into the union and are a UK based company, there will be some changes that you need to make to remain compliant.


We were also very proud to announce our exclusive compliance partnership with Vape Jam UK in April 2019!

Our team will be on hand to help exhibitors answer questions and guide them on their obligations for EU compliance.  We have also created a discount package for exhibitors who sign up during the show.

We’ll be running a breakfast meeting for exhibitors.  If you are interested in attending, click here to register.  

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