We are Arcus


In newly regulated, or soon to be regulated, industries, it is essential to create a robust and proactive regulatory strategy that tracks your commercial aspirations.

Arcus Compliance Ltd was founded by CEO Lee Bryan & Director of Research and Development John Walker to help vape brands to build such compliance strategies as countries around the world began to regulate the vapour industry in their region. Expertly led by Robert Sidebottom, our recently appointed Managing Director, we are well-placed to guide and advise our global client base. 

Arcus Compliance Ltd supports its clients to strategically navigate the constantly evolving regulations that face the vape, cannabis/hemp, cosmetics, medical device and adult health industries.  Our proprietary software and methodologies form the basis of your compliance strategy and have been honed over years of working with some of the largest brands in the world.  This “hive mind” approach has allowed us to continuously improve our processes and software to ensure all clients benefit from the ongoing development.

Coupled with first-class horizon scanning for regulatory developments, we are able to build your compliance product files to suit your market requirements, which allows you to focus on building your brand.

To succeed in your chosen industry you need to view compliance as a moving target and keep your compliance strategy fluid. We are adept at working with maverick and entrepreneurial clients who are either disrupting traditional industries or creating completely new ones. 

Our ability to quickly build baseline compliance and install robust processes is second to none. Find out how Arcus can help you achieve your goals.

We are Compliance


To enable brands to have a greater understanding of compliance, we have developed a library of frequently updated white papers and infographics, in addition to our innovative proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, available in multiple languages, allowing brands to grow and control some aspects of product stewardship, and helping to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance significantly. Arcus Compliance’s consulting services enable us to effectively support your internal resource, allowing them to utilise our expertise, ensuring essential compliance tasks are handled effectively, accurately & efficiently internally.

By educating and supporting your internal team, we are able to ensure your retained hours are saved for more complex tasks & research. There is also a substantial cost-benefit to outsourcing a niche function, such as regulatory compliance.  Your business won’t suffer from a ‘learning curve’, there are no absence or holiday issues, and our team isare constantly striving to improve best-practice across the industry through our extensive client base and positively & fairly influence regulatory bodies.


When you drill down to any regulated market you will soon realise there is far more to it than meets the eye. Whether you tackle it in-house or outsource it, we can make the journey far less painful, whether through education or implementation.


  • Quality Management consulting
  • Compliance strategy consulting
  • Lab testing project management
  • Technical dossier authoring
  • A fully outsourced regulatory compliance department
  • Labelling & CLP review
  • CBD compliance
  • Regulatory filings (PMTA, TPD, Novel Foods, S.3050 etc)
  • Product lifecycle management
  • TPD notification review
  • XML authoring
  • XML analysis & debugging
  • Banned substance screening
  • Safety Data Sheet Authoring (MSDS)
  • Safety Concerns Tracking (Recital 45 of TPD / Section 7 of GPSD)

ukvia membership

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), is the leading trade association for the UK vaping industry, supporting the growth of the fastest growing consumer goods sector, supporting the shift from smoking to vaping. The UK industry is now worth over £1 billion and the UKVIA serves as the leading voice and guide to members and stakeholders alike. 

Arcus Compliance is a full board member of UKVIA, and also sits on the Standards and Membership committees. We are proud to directly contribute to the conversations that impact our clients around compliance, offering practical guidance and advice at the highest level. 

As Board Members, Arcus Compliance are committed to working for reasonable regulation of the vaping industry, which is fair to the industry and in the health and safety interests of consumers.

John Dunne, Director General of UKVIA, also sits on the board of Arcus Compliance as a Non-Executive Director. John’s substantial experience in the European vaping industry as well as the US tobacco sector, puts him in great stead to guide and inform Arcus Compliance’s global strategy, having also advised industry analysts and financial institutions on the vaping industry across the world. 

“As Director General of the UKVIA, my role is to guide and shape policy issues that will benefit not only businesses across the sector, but also protects the choice and wellbeing of consumers. Compliance is a key consideration in the evolution and future of the vapour industry, and that’s why I’m pleased to be able to offer my skills and knowledge to Arcus’ board through my non-Executive role with the Arcus Compliance team.”

John Dunne, Non-Executive Director for Arcus Compliance and Non-Executive Director of the UKVIA.