Product Data Methodology

The PRODUCT DATA section of CORE COMPLIANCE focuses on the fundamentals of the health aspects of product stewardship. If you employ these steps you will begin to build genuinely robust processes and demonstrable due diligence.

Raw Materials or Concentrates

Whether you engineer your flavours from raw materials or concentrates from flavour house partners you must establish the foundations for your product stewardship from this stage. Working towards having total control over your recipes by engineering from raw materials should be your ultimate goal.

Flavour House

If you are working with a flavour house partner, it is essential that you conduct thorough due diligence on them before appointing them as a supplier. Failure to undertake these simple steps could derail your product line in the future.

Green Lists

Wherever possible work with flavour house partners who have green-list concentrates. Quite simply this means they have a second version that has been reformulated to remove any known banned substances and gives a solid base from where to begin your process.

CAS Disclosure

One of the most important parts of your supplier due diligence is making sure that you have agreed that they will provide you with your CAS disclosure for regulatory purposes. They may agree to only release to a third party but none the less make sure you have this agreed in writing before committing to use their products.

Ingredient Purity

A key aspect in all regulated markets is to ensure that you can demonstrate that you only use ingredients of the highest purity. Your flavour house partner may be able to provide this via their internal quality management systems.

Recipe Screening

Whilst a green list will give you a good base from which to build, it will only ensure you are free of the main known banned substances. It will not screen for vitamins, stimulants, colourants, heavy metals, etc so you need to ensure you have a process to screen your final recipe prior to putting into production.

Final CAS Presentation

 A final CAS presentation with full aggregated data is the single most important document in this process. From this stage you can; screen, order toxicology studies, author SDS and sign declarations of conformity with confidence.

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