By ensuring your products are safe for your consumers & the environment you build a spring board for any regulatory landscape.

CORE COMPLIANCE is a product stewardship methodology for the vape industry. It is independent of market or regulation and focuses on the fundamental principles of health, consumer safety, environment and your obligations as a manufacturer.

By simply implementing these practices you will begin to build and/or improve your due diligence processes in support of your products. Most of the principles are very cost efficient to implement or in many cases free.

There are six key areas of focus, these being;


Product data relates various aspects of your regulatory compliance, such as; Markets, Formulation, Screening, Disclosure, etc.


Analytical data relates to all aspects of testing, consistent dosing, methodologies and toxicology.


The review of your documented manufacturing processes and systems to ensure consistency in manufacture as well as batch recording, reporting, auditing, archiving, version control and traceability.


Risk liabilities stretch through internal risk registers, responsible persons, knowledge of regulations, level of required compliance, declarations of conformity, local representation and sales channels.


Labelling & Packaging relates to aspects such as; external packaging, unit labels, local languages, warning symbols, child-resistant and tamper-evident certifications, safety data sheets and specific regulations by market.


This section focuses on your post-sale product stewardship obligations and relates to tracking safety concern data on your products, as well as consumer preferences.