ISO 9001

We will be expanding our Quality Management service offering, by adding ISO 9001 implementation and auditing to our portfolio.

 To support the launch, we have created a new team, experienced in ISO 9001 to manage our Quality Management services and to ensure that the quality of service you receive remains at the same high standard you have come to expect over the years. 

We have partnered with a certification board and plan to create the “ISO Vape Standard” for manufacturing, distribution and retail companies within the space.

    • ISO 9001 Implementation
      With support from our consulting team, Arcus Compliance will be able to support your business with ISO 9001 implementation, ensuring your quality management reaches the ISO 9001 standard, a universally recognised QMS accreditation

    • ISO 9001 Auditing
      Retained clients will benefit from a free annual ISO9001 audit, as part of their contract. Retained clients, without an ISO QMS in place, will also benefit from reduced implementation rates.

    • ISO 9001 Certification
      When a business achieves the required standard, we will be able to certify this.

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