VAPEVIGIL is Arcus Compliance’s tailor-made, white-label, vape focused safety concern tracking SaaS solution. Our clients are able to comprehensively and effectively handle safety concerns across 28 different languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our easy-to-use client dashboard allows you to quickly review and action safety concerns using our severity rating system. 

You can contact the consumer through the portal using our anonymised communications to maintain GDPR protocols on sensitive data and then close, escalate or submit the report to the competent authorities as required.

Please note that the full version of VAPEVIGIL is offered exclusively to our retained clients. We do offer a free version to non-clients, but this is in English only, is not white-labelled and will always carry the VAPEVIGIL and Arcus Compliance branding.

Contact us for a demo of the product and discover how it can help you make light work of product safety management, as it has with many other brands.

Or simply sign up for free, using the link below. 

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