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Arcus Compliance co-founders Lee Bryan and John Walker started Arcus with a vision: to change the way the industry viewed compliance, with transparency, professional tools and care! Within 12 short months our ethos of “caring for our clients” has paid off and we represent many of the world’s most elite and sought after e-liquid brands and device manufacturers. 


Because we dared to be different and actually delivered on our promises, the message travelled and continues to do so. Many more will follow, as we continue to educate and assist manufacturers to understand their obligations and build processes to under pin their growth.

we are compliance


Lee & John decided to start the company when an offer too good to refuse was made to them.  Having experienced the problems of many clients during the pre and post TPD era, they knew that they could build a company that could continually delight their clients, with a superior service that focused on all aspects of regulatory affairs, not just the notification process.


Knowing that the early stages of a regulated market would be a paper shuffling exercise, they knew that our industry needed a rapid education program or it risked falling back into the hands of the tobacco companies.

Our vision is to help the smaller brands with the more complex issues around compliance, such as multi-lingual systems and documentation and then provide a selection of educational content to allow brands to grow and control the more simple aspects of product stewardship.



We set about creating a library of white papers and infographics that are updated and managed regularly.  Coupled with our proprietary SaaS (Software as a Service) based tools we can reduce the cost of regulatory compliance to a fraction of what it was only 18 months ago.

We see regulatory compliance as an essential part of protecting the consumer and can help walk you through the ever increasingly complex minefield, to ensure your products remain on the market.

We apply our knowledge in a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals with maximum efficiency

When you drill down to any regulated market you will soon realise there is far more to it than meets the eye. 

Whether you tackle it in-house or outsource it, we can make the journey far less painful, whether through education or implementation. 

Ways in which we can help:

  • Quality Management consulting
  • Compliance strategy consulting
  • Lab testing project management
  • Technical dossier authoring
  • A fully outsourced regulatory compliance department
  • Labelling & CLP review
  • TPD notification review
  • XML authoring
  • XML analysis & debugging
  • Banned substance screening
  • Safety Data Sheet Authoring (MSDS)
  • Safety Concerns Tracking (Recital 45 of TPD / Section 7 of GPSD) 
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